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"Cultivating the Leaders of tomorrow by providing educational, engaging and enriching After School Experiences through the Performance Arts."

At Exploration Kids® Enrichment, we believe that the Performance Arts are not merely a fun and recreational outlet for self expression. It is proven that children who participate in Performance Arts show gains in math, reading, cognitive ability, critical thinking, and verbal skill. Along with the Performing Arts, we believe in the power of Arts Integration by developing programs that allow students to explore multiple art forms to connect the Arts with other areas of their education.  Arts learning can also improve motivation, concentration, confidence, and teamwork. At Exploration Kids ® Enrichment we strive to teach more than just enrichment classes! Our goal is to teach children concepts and themes, creative problem solving skills, teamwork and leadership, and an increased sense of self-expression and confidence each week. We do this through our Exploration Kids® Curriculum along with our 5 Pillars of Education. These pillars have been designed to teach the whole child from preschool to elementary school to ensure our students’ continued success in school and in life.

To ensure we are able to fully Cultivate the leaders of tomorrow by providing educational, engaging and enriching experiences through the Performing Arts, we believe in making the arts accessible to Every Child, in Every School and Every Home

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Exploration Kids Enrichment - Performing Arts Integration for Schools, Teachers and at Hom

Who We

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Exploration Kids® Enrichment is a Nation-Wide advocate for ensuring the Arts reach Every Child, in Every School and Every Home.  bridging the gap for Performing Arts accessibility for underprivileged and at-risk youth through high quality Arts Integration Programs, Classes and Collaborative Classrooms.

What We

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Exploration Kids® Enrichment connects passionate and talented Teaching Artists with School Children, Educators, Principals, Parents and Community Leaders to ensure no child is left behind in exposure to a quality arts rich education. 

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We Serve

Exploration Kids® Enrichment serves children in preschools, elementary schools and middle schools across the nation. Whether we meet them at their School, their Home or their local Community Centers. Ensuring every child has access to quality performing arts integrated classes is our priority.

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Exploration Kids® Enrichment offers 4 Primary Performing Arts Programs designed for out of school time programming. Our arts integrated programs include Dance Exploration, Yoga Exploration, Cheerleading Exploration, and Broadway Exploration. Our Programs are combine multiple arts and techniques into a fully arts-integrated experience beyond just simply performing arts opportunities. 

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Exploration Kids Enrichment_Broadway Exploration Program

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